Ultimate Body Applicator

The Ultimate Body Applicator is a all natural herbal soaked body wrap that you can use to tighten, firm, and tone certain areas on your body. You can use it anywhere on your body that is below the face. (Check out the It Works Facial Applicator for your face). You can use one every 72 hours if you would like. Most people see results in JUST 45 minutes- which is JUST one application.

The Ultimate Body Applicator Description

The Ultimate Body Applicator looks like this out of the box and is 21.5″ long and 11″ at its widest point. This helps you get an idea of the size and ease of use that the Ultimate Body Applicator provides.

body applicator

The Ultimate Body Applicator comes in pre-packaged in a box of four, so all you have to do is open the package and apply to your targeted area. NO mess, NO soaking in tubs… NO Brainer!

It is best not to sweat while wearing the applicator and  to secure the applicator with saran wrap. There are many other tips here you can review for optimal use.

The ingredients are all natural and also help to maintain healthy skin. Learn more about how it works here and watch the video before for some general info.

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